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You’ve had it happen before.  We all have.  That horrifying experience, standing frozen, watching the water level in the toilet bowl slowly rise instead of slowly drain.  You are stuck.  Frozen.  Not sure what to do next.  Yell for help and expose the nasty issue (and yourself to embarrassment) or quietly struggle to keep the water from spilling over the lip.  Terror.  Horror.  Awful.  It is never fun and (if you don’t know what you... + read more
We’ve all been there, the end of the semester is creeping closer, the weather has finally turned and most forms of motivation are drying up quickly.  Who wants to take the time to think about homework let alone preparing your apartment for move-out?  BUT…everyone wants their deposit back, right?  Of course.  Hopefully this post provides you some motivation to reset your apartment and move out properly.  Trust me, the benefit far outweighs the cost.... + read more
The time has finally come.  Spring is in the air and the hope of summer is finally growing in each of us.  Many of us leave town for the summer for internships, summer jobs or just to be at home.  Unless you have a lease that relieves you of your summer obligation, you will be leaving our apartments empty, but may still owe rent.  Subleasing is a great way to offset your apartment cost for the summer while you are away.  Contrary to popular belief, subleasing is not as... + read more
It has been cold around here lately.  Bone chilling, jaw-chattering, nose-running COLD.  Dreaming of beaches cold, 10 pairs of socks cold….  Anyone agree?  I do not envy you students who have to be out in this crazy weather! Not only is this crazy cold hard on us, it can be hard on your furnace as well!  (The very piece of equipment that stands between you and the bitter cold).  Today is all about best practices to maintain your furnace; kind of an Ode to... + read more
Smoke detectors typically get a lot of hate.  Most of the time, the frustration is warranted.  Smoke detectors are unpredictable and obnoxious; difficult to remember to maintain, but easy to dismantle instead of fix.  Really, though, smoke detectors are necessary, helpful, and often required for apartment life.  They have been proven to help save lives in the unfortunate event of a fire.  Unfortunately, no one is talking about how to properly use and maintain... + read more


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