Moving Out?

We hope that you have enjoyed your stay with Weida Apartments. Please review the procedures and Move Out Checklist below to ensure proper check out.
At noon on the last day of your lease (located on the first page of your lease, please call if you are unsure) you are to return all door keys, mail keys and parking permits that were issued to you and your roommates to the office. The primary lessee on your account (located on page 6 of your lease, please call if you are unsure) will also need to provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that we can return the deposit. Failure to return items properly may result in additional fees and charges which we hope to avoid.
The Move Out Checklist provides detailed instructions on how to return the apartment. Please follow the instructions carefully. If you choose, you may use a Weida Apartments recognized cleaning company to have the apartment reset to our standards to avoid any additional cleaning charges as outlined in your lease. Please call for more information.